Why is Plutos Network needed?
According to DeFiPulse, the TVL of DeFi derivatives is only $3.04B, compared to the TVL of $51.76B, it's very much clear that current the market of crypto derivatives is undervalued. Also, protocols of DeFi insurance such as NXM take a large part of it.
By our projection, the market of tokenized and crypto synthetics will grow in an exponential way, with an estimated 25-45% of TVL increase this year. Current platforms such as Synthetics are still small in terms of its proportion in the whole DeFi world.
DeFi needs synthetics.
Compared to the size of derivative market in traditional financial industry, there is huge potential of growth and long way of development for crypto derivatives. Tokenized financial products will offer better solutions which will make these assets more accessible, secured when transacting, propertied.
Traditional financing needs synthetics.
In comparison to the current synthetic issuance and trading platforms such as Synthetix, Auctus, they only support Ethereum network which has limitations such as high gas fee, low transaction, vulnerability during security breaches etc. By integrating leading Blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC and Sonala, Plutos Network will be able to offer users cross-chain synthetic assets issuance and trading services. With the continuous of crypto synthetics and the ecosystems of these Blockchains, Plutos Network will be benefited in the long-run for continuous growth.
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